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Situated about 5 km southwest of Barcelona the second largest Spanish city, the airport is located in the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat. The airport has two terminals: the first is located in the center of two parallel runways oriented 25L- 07R and 25R-07L, the second terminal is at the north of the complex. A third runway 02-20 is on the cross is. The 25R and 07L tracks are generally used for arrivals while the 25L-07R are used for takeoffs. For strong crosswind and early morning, the tracks 02-20 can be used. Traffic is important, but somewhat repetitive. Much of the flights are operated by Air Europa and the Spanish low-cost company Vueling both based in Barcelona. Much of the traffic consists of many flights operated by budget airlines EasyJet, Ryanair and Air Berlin. The majority of European national airlines serve NCB as Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Alitalia, SAS, Aeroflot, Finnair, ... During the holidays, charter flights operated by TUI Group, Monarch, Jet2 and Norwegian flesh out the offer . On long-haul perspective, many morning flights are operated by Singapore Airlines, Air Transat, Delta, American, Air China. For lunch, middle eastern flights are operated by Qatar, Emirates, Turkish, El Al and the afternoon arrived the South American and Avianca flights Aerolineas Argentinas. Iberia operates only a few daily flights to the main hub of Madrid. There is very little cargo and military activity.i

Spotting  28 and 29 June 2015

Small short stay of two days in Barcelona on 28 and 29 June 2015. Among the longest days to make the most of summer sunshine and early traffic , we took the morning flight operated by Brussels Airlines direction the Spanish metropolis. Upon our arrival and after receiving the rental car , we joined the watchtower spotters bordering the threshold of runway 25R to shoot arrivals . When the sun passes to the other side in late afternoon, towards the small park in the shade of a tree we finished the day with a superb light. "Copy and paste" the next day and back to Brussels by Brussels Airlines flight in the evening.


Click on the picture to enlarge, all the pictures were made by Cédric Valence - Brussels Airport
28th and 29th June 2015




LN-RRW - B737-883 SAS (Star Alliance)

I-BIXP - A321-112 Alitalia

G-ZBAS - A320-214 Monarch

G-LSAE - B757-27B Jet2 Holidays




G-EZGI - A319-111 Easyjet

G-CELF - B737-377 Jet2

F-GTAE - A321-211 Air France Skyteam

EI-RUY - B767-3Q8ER Transaero




EC-LZM - A320-232 Vueling

C-FMXC - B767-333ER Air Canada Rouge

C-GSAT - A310-308 Air Transat

CS-DVL - ATR42 Chalair




EC-LZO - B767-35DER Privilege Style

EC-IRV - Cesna 208B Grand Caravan 4X-ELH - B747-412 ElAl 9V-SWP - B777-312ER Singapore Airlines




EC-MEQ - A320-232 Vueling

TC-JNT - A330- 303 Turkish

A6-EDG - A380-861 Emirates

B-5913 - A330-343E Air China




TC-DCH - A320-214 Pegasus

B-3999 - B737-79L Air China

UR-PSI - B737-9KVER Ukraine International

VP-BTR - A321-211 Aeroflot




YR-BGF - B737-78J Tarom (Skyteam)

YR-FKA - Fokker 100 Carpatair

LN-DYE - B737-8PJ Norwegian

   EC-LNH - A330-243 Air Europa Skyteam




EC-LQL - A320-232 Vueling

EC-LRS - A319-112 Vueling

EC-LTM - B737-85P Air Europa

EC-MEQ - A320-232 Vueling




EI-DYW - B737-8AS Ryanair

EC-ITU - CRJ200 Iberia Express (Untitled)

EC-LVO - A320-214 Vueling

EC-LZM - A320-232 Vueling




7T-VKH - B737-8D6 Air Algerie

EC-JDM - A321-231 Iberia

7T-VJQ - B737-6D6 Air Algerie

EC-LIN - Embraer195 Air Europa




D-ABFK - A320-214 Air Berlin 

A7-AFM - A330-203 Qatar

F-GFKY - A320-211 Air France Skyteam

          CS-TQU - B737-8K2 Corendon                (Euro Atlantic Airways)




EW-438PA - B737-86Q Belavia

G-ZAPW - B737-3L9 Titan Airways

N508AV - A330-243 Avianca

    VQ-BTM - B757-256 Royal Flight




HB-AER - Dornier328 Skywork

D-AIQK - A320-211 Germanwings

LN-NGI - B737-8PJ Norwegian

G-OZBO - A321-231 Monarch




LY-VEO - A320-233 Avion Express

G-ZBAR - A320-214 Monarch YR-BAT - B737-4Z9 Blue Air Web HA-LYK - A320-232 Wizzair




CS-TRO - A320-214 White

PH-XRY - B737-7K2 Transavia

OO-JEM - Embraer190 Jetair Fly

PH-BXO B737-9K2 KLM Skyteam




OH-LZB - A321-211 Finnair

LN-NGQ - B737-8PJ Norwegian

D-AIZV - A320-214 Eurowings

OK-TSI - B737-9GJER Travel Service     (Spicy Jet) - Brussels Airport



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