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Located 50km west of Chiang Mai, the main city of northern Thailand and 700km from Bangkok. International Airport welcomes mainly domestic flights operated by Thai companies, Air Asia, Orient Thai and Nok. One runway 36-18 and a terminal located east track has 11 gates. The national carrier Thai Airways operates flights from Bangkok Subvarnabhumi using large aircraft of varied types. There is no cargo business in Chiang Mai but instead a military base attracts many individuals flights.



View of the tower View of terminal

A plane at the gate

Detail on the flight on the display


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4Th February 2013


HS-GBE - Saab340 Nok Mini

9M-AFM - A320-214 Air Asia

41094 Jetstream4100 Thai Air Force HS-ABS - A320-216 Air Asia

HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok

60315 - ATR72 Royal Thai Air Force

HS-MDK - MD82 Orient Thai HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-PPB - A319-132 Bangkok Airways

HS-GBF - Saab340 Nok Mini

HS-ABS - A320-216 Air Asia HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok

HS-TAY - A300-622R Thai

HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok

HS-TGL - B747-4D7 Thai HS-PPB - A319-132 Bangkok Airways

HS-TXE - A320-232 Thai Smile

HS-GBE - Saab340 Nok Mini

HS-ABS - A320-216 Air Asia HS-DDL - B737-4Y0 Nok Air


HS-ABS - A320-216 Air Asia

HS-TAY - A300-622R Thai

HS-MDK - MD82 Orient Thai  


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