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Located in the municipality of Guarulhos about 25km east of the megalopolis Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, but also in South America International Airport has many passengers and is ranked first in terms of quantity traffic across the country. Many lines to worldwide are operated from Guarulhos but also to other cities. The set consists of three terminals located north of two parallel runways. The 09L-27R is used for departures while the 09R-27L are specialized for landings. South active military base houses the presidential fleet of aircraft. Domestic and international flights are operated by TAM and domestic flights operated by Gol, Azul, Trip (Azul), Varig (Gol) and Paseraero. Lines to the U.S. are provided by American Airlines, United and Delta is served by the East Ethiad, Qatar, Emirates, Air China and Korean. In Europe, it is Iberia, TAP, Lufthansa, Swiss operating flights with the A340, Air France, KLM and Alitalia themselves use B777. Finally, British Airways and Lufthansa operate flights with its Boeing 747 jumbo jets. A cargo terminal generates a steady traffic of flights operated by FedEx, TAM Cargo, ABSA Cargo, Lan Cargo and old B727 DHL or Total Cargo.




View of he tower View outside of the terminal

View inside of the terminal

View of the old planes cimetery



Iberia made attractive prices, I took the opportunity to take the lead in Brazil a little in the first week of June 2013 to make some sightseeing and spotting in the largest country in South America . For housing, I chose the hotel "Matiz Guarulhos Aeroporto" which is on short final for 09R, and the direction to allow photo enthusiasts aviation access to the roof of the building where it enjoys a beautiful view of the runways, taxiways and approaches. other photos were taken from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Wing A and Wing D.


Click on the picture to enlarge, all shots are from Cedric Valence


5th - 8th June 2013


N794UA - B777-22ER United STAR Alliance

N766AN - B777-223 American Airlines

PT-MUF - B777-32WER TAM N648UA - B767-322ER United

N718AN - B777-323ER American Airlines

N745AM - B777-2Q8ER Aero Mexico

HL8208 - B777-3B58ER Korean PR-GOQ - B737-76N Varig

PR-GOX - B737-76N Gol

LV-CPI - Embrazer190 Austral

2012 - Embraer120 Brasil Air Force PR-ONL - A320-214 Avianca

N774AM - B777-2Q8ER Aero Mexico

PR-GEA - B737-7EH Gol

PR-AYS - Embraer190 Azul N759AN - B777-223ER American

D2-TED - B777-2M2ER TAAG

LV-CWL - B737-7Q8 Aerolineas Argentinas

PR-PDI - ATR72 Passaredo PR-GIE - B737-8BK Gol

CC-CWV - B767-316ER LAN

PR-OND - A318-121 Avianca

N844MH - B767-432ER Delta Skyteam PR-TKI - ATR72 Trip

N828MH - B767-432ER Delta

PR-GIK - B737-7Q8 Gol

PR-GIT - B737-809 Gol N78060 - B767-424ER United

LV-CKV - A320-233 LAN Argentina

PR-AYT - Embraer190 Azul

PP-PJP - Embraer190 Trip PR-ACG - B767-316FER ABSA Cargo

CS-TOD - A340-312 TAP

C-FCAE - B767-375ER Air Canada

      LV-CBG - B737-73V Aerolineas Argentinas CP-2640 - B737-382 BoA Boliviana de Aviacion

PR- MBW - A319-132 TAM

PR-ABB - B767-316F-ER ABSA Cargo

PR-AXC - Embraer190 Azul PR-GTF - B737-8EH Gol

CC-COF - A320-233 LAN

A7-BBH - B777-2DZLR Qatar

CC-CXJ - B767-316ER LAN One World A6-ECU - B777-36NER Emirates

PR-OAJ - Fokker100 Avianca

PR-GIT - B737-809 Gol

PR-GIU - B737-809 Gol PR-VBZ - B737-7EA Varig

PP-PJU - Embraer190 Trip

PR-VBB - B737-8AS Varig

PR-MAK - A320-214 TAM N774AM - B777-2Q8ER Aero Mexico

PR-GTL - B737-8EH Gol

PR-AQE - AT72 Azul

PR-AQC - ATR72 Azul PR-AVL - A318-121 Avianca

PR-MBL - A320-233 TAM

PR-ACG - B767-316FER ABSA Cargo

PR-MYY - A320-214 TAM PR-GTY - B737-8EH Gol

PR-AYE - Embraer190 Azul

PR-AYF - Embraer190 Azul

PR-AYI - Embraer190 Azul      PR-ADY - B767-313FER TAM Cargo

    PR-AYJ - Embraer190 Azul

PR-AYL - Embraer190 Azul

PR-AYP - Embraer190 Azul PR-PDA - ATR72 Passaredo

PR-TKM - ATR72 Trip

PR-VBB - B737-8AS Varig

PR-VBE - B737-8AS Gol PT-MXE - A321-231 TAM

TC-JJF - B777-3F2ER Turkish

PT-MVO - A330-223 TAM

ZS-SXV - A330-243 South African PR-VBM - B737-7EA Varig

PT-MXF - A321-231 TAM

PH-BVD - B777-306ER KLM Skyteam

N567TA - A321-231 TACA HP-1827CMP - B737-8V3 Copa Airlines

PR-AQC - ATR72 Azul

PP-PJU - Embraer190 Trip

PR-AXA - Embraer190 Azul PR-GIW - B737-86N Gol

CS-TOD - A340-312 TAP

CP-2552 - B737-3M8 BoA Boliviana de Aviacion

D-AIFC - A340-313X Lufthansa LV-CSI - B737-7Q8 Aerolineas Argentinas

PR-ACG - B767-316FER ABSA Cargo

EC-JBA - A340-600 Iberia

EI-DBK - B777-243ER Alitalia PR-AVD - A319-115 Avianca

PR-VBF - B737-8EH Varig

PR-GIT - B737-809 Gol 

CS-TDD - A340-312 TAP CP-2552 - B737-3M8 BoA Boliviana de Aviacion

PR-AVL - A318-121 Avianca

PR-VBW - B737-7EA Gol

PR-VBZ - B737-7EA Varig PR-ONJ - A318-121 Avianca

B-6080 A330-243 Air China

PR-OAJ - Fokker100 Avianca

PR-GIT - B737-809 Gol A6-EHA - A340-541 Etihad

PR-GUV - B737-8EH Gol

PT-MXJ - A321-231 TAM

PR-MYY - A320-214 TAM PR-GOY - B737-76N Gol

PT-MXG - A321-231 TAM

PR-GOX - B737-76N Gol

  PR-GUV - B737-8EH Gol HL8208 - B777-3B58ER Korean

D2-TEE - B777-2M2ER TAAG

F-GSQE - B777-328ER Air France

G-CIWG - B747-436 British Airways EI-ISD - B777-243ER Alitalia

EI-ISD - B777-243ER Alitalia

EC-LCZ - A340-642 Iberia

EC-LCZ - A340-642 Iberia D-AIFD - A340-313X Lufthansa

PR-ABB - B767-316F-ER ABSA Cargo

PR-ABB - B767-316F-ER ABSA Cargo

PR-AYZ - Embraer190 Azul D2-TEE - B777-2M2ER TAAG

PR-GIX - B737-809 Gol

PR-ACG - B767-316FER ABSA Cargo

PR-ACG - B767-316FER ABSA Cargo PR-GIQ - B737-809 Gol

PR-MYJ - A320-214 TAM

        G-CIWG - B747-436 British Airways

EC-JCZ - A340-642 Iberia EI-DDH - B777-243ER Alitalia Skyteam

LV-CSI - B737-7Q8 Aerolineas Argentinas

PR-AYV - Embraer190 Azul

HP-1827CMP - B737-8V3 Copa Airlines PR-AYO - Embraer190 Azul

PR-TTW - B727F Total Cargo

N788AN - B777-223ER American Airlines

PR-GTL - B737-8EH Gol  T-MVP - A330-223 TAM

PR-GIU - B737-809 Gol

PR-GIT - B737-809 Gol



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