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Located 20km west of the city of Hong Kong City-State in South China, Chek Lap Kok airport was opened in 1998 to replace the famous Kai Tak Airport which was subjected to had enough crazy approaches. The complex consists of two parallel runways 07R-25L and 25R-07L at the center of which two terminals. To the west cargo terminal hosts an impressive number of cargo flights around the world and is considered one of the most intense activity in the world! Traffic in Hong Kong is very intense, you can count on arrival and departure every minute and 30 seconds, and it is very common for one hour, the smallest model aircraft is an A330 succeeding! Local companies are based Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express. Companies around the world serve the airport primarily through large aircraft, this is an interesting place to see a maximum aircraft companies and different backgrounds. Finally, runways 25R-07L are typically used for arrivals and 25L-07R for take-off, but sometimes cargo planes landing on them to limit the distance taxis ...


Airport and tower view

Terminal 2

Sky Dek on the roof T2

Our plane back home at the gate




Our spotting trip to Hong Kong began Jan. 20, 2013, we flew to Brussels via Istanbul with Turkish company which proposed floor price. Point of view we are mainly spotting takeoffs went to the end of the 07R for arrivals from the "Sky Deck", an observation deck at the top without windows terminal 2. The morning wind from the east makes blue sky and sun, but every day around 10 AM the wind turns west and carries with it pollution from factories of China all around, all mixed with moisture the nearby sea as a horrible "Smog" as in London when the blast of the periphery made the air unbreathable ... Unfortunately, this phenomenon somewhat follow us every day preventing us from taking pictures in optimal conditions, but I invite you to discover the harvest done during 3 days of spotting around this area ..


Click to enlarge the picture, all shots were token by Cedric Valence


www.flyfan.be - Brussels Airport
22, 23 and 25th January and

5th February 2013



B-2428 - B747-412F China Eastern Cargo

LX-VCE - B747-8R7F Cargolux

N708DN - B777-232LR Delta

B-LNC - A330-223 Hong Kong Airlines




B-HUP - B747-467F Cathay Pacific

B-2951 - B737-3Z0 SF Airlines Cargo

9M-AFG - A320-216 Air Asia

9V-SRQ - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines




9M-MUA - A330-223F - MAS Cargo

9M-MXA - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines

9V-TAZ - A320-232 Tiger Airways

9M-AFR - A320-216 Air Asia




B-16823 - Embraer190 Mandarin Airlines

B-6741 - A321-232 Air China

9M-MXJ - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines

 B-16829 - Embraer190 Mandarin Airlines




B-18606 - B737-809 China Airlines

B-HKE - B747-412 Cathay Pacific B-HKG - A340-313X Cathay Pacific (One World) B-HTD - A321-231 Dragonair




B-HWH - A330-343X Dragonair

B-HXB - A340-313X Cathay Pacific

B-KBR - B737-8Q8 Hong Kong Express

B-18607 - B737-809 China Airlines




B-LIC - B747-467F Cathay Pacific Cargo

B-18802 - A340-313X China Airlines

B-LNN - A330-343X Hong Kong Airlines

B-HUB - B747-467 Cathay Pacific




B-LNZ - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines Cargo

HS-PPC - A319-132 Bangkok Airways

B-LPH - A320-214 Hong Kong Airlines

HS-STC - B747-412 Orient Thai




HS-TER - A330-343X Thai

JA602F - B767-381F ANA Cargo

JA603J - B767-346ER JAL

N179UA - B747-422 United




 N254UP - MD11F UPS

RP-C3189 - A319-112 Cebu Pacific

N26232 - B737-824 United





PK-GMW - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia

RP-C8191 - A320-216 Air Asia Philippines

RP-C6319 - A320-232 SEAIR - South East Asian Airlines (Tiger Airways)

RP-C7774 - B777-3F6ER Philippines




ZK-OKH - B777-219ER Air New Zealand

RP-C3191 - A319-112 Cebu Pacific

ZK-OKA - B777-219ER Air New Zealand

HS-PGZ - A319-132 Bangkok Airways




B-5237 - B737-71B China Southern

B-6796 - A320-214 China Eastern

B-LPH - A320-214 Hong Kong Airlines

B-LPC - A320-214 Hong Kong Airlines




B-LIA - B747-467F Cathay Pacific Cargo

B-LJG - B747-867F Cathay Pacific Cargo

B-5675 - B737-81B China Southern

JU-8888 - A319-112 Mongolian Airlines Group




D-AALA - B777-FZN Aero Logic

   B-HLU - A330-343X Cathay Pacific     (One World) HL7796 - B737-86N Juju Air JA05AN - B737-781 ANA




JA606A - B767-381ER ANA

V8-RBR - A319-132 Royal Brunei

B-18606 - B737-809 China Airlines

B-HWG - A330-343X Dragonair




B-LJA - B747-867F Cathay Pacific Cargo 

B-16709 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air

B-16828 - Embraer190 Mandarin Airlines

B-HRM - Eurocopter AS-332L2 Super Puma Mk2 - HK Governement




HL7550 - A330-322 Korean Air

HL8214 - B737-86N Juju Air

HL7567 - B737-86N Jin Air

HL7740 - A330-323X Asiana Airlines




HS-PGY - A319-132 Bangkok Air

/HL-7495 - B747-4B5 Korean Air

HL-7495 - B747-4B5 Korean Air

HS-TJC - B777-2D7 Thai




JA618A - B767-381ER ANA

JU-8888 - A319-112 Mongolian Airlines Group

N345UP - B737-34AF UPS

N852FD - B777-FS2 FedEx




N477MC - B747-47UF Atlas Air

HS-TUA - A380-841 Thai

N589FE - MD11F FedEx

N580UP - B747-428F UPS




PH-BFT - B747-406M KLM

PK-GPI - A330-243 Garuda Indonesia

PH-MPS - B747-412BCF Martinair Cargo

PK-GFC B737-86N Garuda Indonesia




RP-C3430 - A340-313X Philippines

TF-AMI - B747-412BDSF Saudi Arabian Cargo

N856FD - B777-FS2 FedEx

    OH-LQB - A340-313 Finnair




TC-JJM - B777-3F2ER Turkish

V8-RBR - A319-132 Royal Brunei

VT-ALB - B777-237LR Air India

V8-RBU - A320-232 Royal Brunei




ZS-SXF - A340-313X South African

TC-JJI - B777-3F2ER Turkish RP-C8601 - A319-112 Philippines JA706J - B777-246ER JAL




JA711J - B777-246ER JAL

G-BNLM - B747-436 British Airways D-AALE - B777-FZN Aero Logic D-AIHZ - A340-642 Lufthansa




B-LJJ - B747-867F Cathay Pacific Cargo

B-KXR - B737-808 Hong Kong Express

B-KPL - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific

B-LNI - A330-223 Hong Kong Airlines




B-HYF - A330-342 Dragonair

B-LNZ - A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines Cargo

B-LAG - A330-342X Cathay Pacific

B-KXE - B737-808 Hong Kong Express




B-HXG - A340-313X Cathay Pacific    (One World)

B-KPF - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific

G-CIVS - B747-436 British Airways

C-FIUJ - B777-223LR Air Canada




B-LND - A330-223 Hong Kong Airlines

B-HYF - A330-342 Dragonair

B-HOW - B747-467 Cathay Pacific

B-HTH - A321-231 Dragonair




B-KPL - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific

B-HNL - B777-267 Cathay Pacific

B-HLU - A330-343X Cathay Pacific (One World)

B-HNQ - B777-367 Cathay Pacific




B-HLP - A330-343X Cathay Pacific

B-HLE - A330-342 Dragonair

B-164094 - B747-45EM Eva Air

B-18351 - A330-302 China Airlines




B-18206 - B747-409 China Airlines Skyteam

B-16709 - B777-35E(ER) Eva Air

B-6862 - A320-214 Spring Airlines

G-CIVS - B747-436 British Airways




B-HLB - A330-342 Dragonair

B-6805 - A320-214 China Eastern

B-6578 - A321 China Southern

B-16202 - A321-211 Eva Air




B-6966 - A320-214 Juneyao Airlines

B-6100 - A330-343E China Eastern

B-5280 - B737-75C Xiamen Airlines

B-5485 - B737-89L Air China




B-6357 - A320-214 Shenzhen Airlines

B-5087 - B737-89P China Eastern B-6125 - A330-343X China Eastern B-5231 - B737-79P China Eastern




B-2066 - B777-2J6 Air China

 A7-AFM - A330-203 Qatar A6-EBY - B777-36NER Emirates B-2066 - B777-2J6 Air China




9V-JSJ - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

9V-SRQ - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines A6-EDJ - A380-861 Emirates  A7-ACW - A330-202 Qatar




9M-MXL - B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines

9N-ACA - B757-2F8 Royal Nepal Airlines 9M-MLD - B737-8FZ Malaysia 9M-AHQ - A320-216 Air Asia




9M-AHW - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-MRI - B777-2H6ER Malaysia 9V-SFM - B747-412F Singapore Airlines Cargo 9V-SKD - A380-841 Singapore Airlines




A7-ACW - A330-202 Qatar

C-FIUL - B777333ER Air Canada DQ-FJL - B747-412 Air Pacific  N777SA - B777-FZB Southern Air





VH-OEB - B747-48E Qantas



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