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Located 20km from the resort of Phuket quotes, city based entirely on tourism and on the beach, the airport was designed to attract many tourists from around the world to the beaches of Southern Thailand . It consists of a terminal often saturated during the great charter season from November to April, south-west of a runway oriented 27-09. Most flights are operated by different companies as Thai Airways, Nok Air, Thai Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Business Air and Orient Thai. Foreign companies are providing regular flights Tiger, Silkair, Malaysia, Jetstar Asia, Virgin Australia, Strategic and Fire Fly. Many charter flights are assured of Asia, Russia and Europe that, and you can imagine, because traffic can not be more interesting!




Vue de l'extérieur du terminal Vue de la tour de contrôle

Vue de la plage côté 09



Click on the picure to see in 1024/750 Pixels, all pictures were made by Cedric Valence


14th, 15th and 16th November 2016      

hkt/low/9V-JSR - A320-232 Jetstar Asia - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/9V-MGF - B737-8SA Silk Air - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/9V-TAE - A320-232 Tiger Airways - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/A6-EGS - B777-31HER Emirates - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg

9V-JSR - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

9V-MGF - B737-8SA Silk Air

9V-TAE - A320-232 Tiger Airways A6-EGS - B777-31HER Emirates

hkt/low/1115 - Do200 Thai Air Force Navy - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/VQ-BQM - B777-3M0 Aeroflot - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-BBI - A320-214 Air Asia - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TXJ - A320-232 Thai Smile - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

1115 - Do200 Thai Air Force Navy

VQ-BQM - B777-3M0 Aeroflot

HS-BBI - A320-214 Air Asia HS-TXJ - A320-232 Thai Smile

hkt/low/HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TGO - B747-4D7 Thai - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/70204 - Saab340 Thai Air Force - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TKQ - B777-3D7(ER) Thai - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

HS-DBA - B737-8AS Nok

HS-TGO - B747-4D7 Thai

70204 - Saab340 Thai Air Force HHS-TKQ - B777-3D7(ER) Thai

hkt/low/HS-VKC - A320-214 Vietjet Air Thailand - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TXM - A320-232 Thai Smile - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-BDB - B737-8AS Nok - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/VP-BDI - B767-38A Ikar - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

HS-VKC - A320-214 Vietjet Air Thailand

HS-TXM - A320-232 Thai Smile

HS-BDB - B737-8AS Nok VP-BDI - B767-38A Ikar

hkt/low/VQ-BQG - B777-3M0 Aeroflot (Skyteam) - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/VP-BOZ - B767-3G5ER Pegas (Ikar) - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/VQ-BKB - B757-2Q8 Azur Air - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/OH-LTP - A330-302 Finnair - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

VQ-BQG - B777-3M0 Aeroflot (Skyteam)

VP-BOZ - B767-3G5ER Pegas (Ikar)

VQ-BKB - B757-2Q8 Azur Air OH-LTP - A330-302 Finnair

hkt/low/HS-DBQ - B737-86J Nok - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-PGW - A320-232 Bangkok Airways - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-DBV - B737-88L Nok - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TEU - A330-343 Thai - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

HS-DBQ - B737-86J Nok

HS-PGW - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-DBV - B737-88L Nok HS-TEU - A330-343 Thai

hkt/low/HS-PPE - A320-232 Bangkok Airways - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-DBS - B737-86N Nok - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TEN - A330-343 Thai - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-DBT - B737-88L Nok - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

HS-PPE - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-DBS - B737-86N Nok

HS-TEN - A330-343 Thai HS-DBT - B737-88L Nok

hkt/low/HS-ABG - A320-214 Air Asia - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/B-5407 - B737-808 Lucky Air - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/B-HTF - A321-231 Dragonair - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/D-AXGC - A330-203 Eurowings - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

HS-ABG - A320-214 Air Asia

B-5407 - B737-808 Lucky Air

B-HTF - A321-231 Dragonair D-AXGC - A330-203 Eurowings

hkt/low/HS-VKC - A320-214 Vietjet Air Thailand - HKT 14-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/VQ-BUC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot - HKT 15-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HKT-2 (2).jpg

hkt/low/HKT-3 (2).jpg

HS-VKC - A320-214 Vietjet Air Thailand

VQ-BUC - B777-3M0 Aeroflot 

HS-BBP - A320-214 Thai Air Asia B-LOP - A320-232 Dragonair

hkt/low/EI-XLF - B747-446 Rossiya - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg

hkt/low/HS-TKY - B777-3D7(ER) Thai - HKT 16-11-2016.jpg



EI-XLF - B747-446 Rossiya

HS-TKY - B777-3D7(ER) Thai



During our trip in Thailand, it was planned to spend a few days in Phuket, south of the country combine to spell some sightseeing, relaxing and spotting on the beach. We have on board Thai Airways flight TG205 (HS-TJC-200 B777) in Bangkok or Phuket until 1:05 flight. Once at the airport, towards the hotel by taxi. Beware the taxi fares are much higher than in the rest of Thailand is a tourist area and all the taxi companies are benefiting from the arrival of "rich tourists" to charge prices that must be absolutely negotiate before boarding to avoid unpleasant surprises. We lodged at the Hotel Centara Grand - West Sands located just behind the airport. We requested a room overlooking the track and we got excellently located for the 6716 spotter from the balcony a real treat! To get to the point of the main spot for runway 09, we walked about 5 minutes to reach the beach. Caution must be an authorization issued by AOT, the direction of the airport to take pictures to the airport buildings, if the spotting is not free for aircraft flying over the beach. Once the trip ended, we boarded the flight to Bangkok Thai Airways TG224, personally it was my first A300 flight! (HS-ART).


Click on the picure to see in 1024/750 Pixels, all pictures were made by Cedric Valence


29Th Jan till 3rd Feb 2012


HS-TGZ - B747-4D7 Thai

9V-TAZ - A320-232 Tiger Airways

9V-JSM - A320-232 Jetstar Asia HS-ABL - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

9M-MMF - B737-4H6 Malaysia

9V-SLC - A320-233 Silkair

B-HSI - A320-232 Dragonair HS-TGW - B747-4D7 Thai Star Alliance

1115 - Do200 Thai Air Force Navy

9M-FYJ - ATR72 Fire Fly

/9M-AFP - A320-216 Air Asia EI-UND - B767-3P6ER Transaero

10666 - Fokker27 Royal Thai Navy

A7-AFL - A330-203 Qatar

EI-UNU - B777-212ER Transaero CS-TFZ - A330-243 Hi Fly

HA-LKE - B737-86Q Travel Service

HS-BIC - B767-341ER Business Air

HS-BRB - B737-3T0 Orient Thai HS-DDQ - B737-4M0 Nok

HS-MDI - MD81 Orient Thai

EI-XLB - B747-446 Transaero

HS-PGB - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PGD - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

G-MLJL - A330-200 Thomas Cook

F-GRSQ - A330-243 XL Airways

HS-BIE - B737-383ER Business Air G-OBYH - B767-304ER Thomson Fly

1313 - Royal Thai Navy

HS-BIB - B767-341ER Business Air

HS-PGK - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PGM - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGU - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-PPB - A319-132 Bangkok Airways HS-STC - B747-412 Orient Thai

HS-TAM - A300-622R Thai

HS-TKA - B777-3D7 Thai

HS-TEO - A340-343X Thai VP-BVH - B767-33AER S7

TC-ETK - A330-223 Atlas Jet

VH-VUZ - B737-8FE Virgin Australia

OH-LTU - A330-302X Finnair VQ-BBU - B757-2Q8 Nordwind

VQ-BEY - B757-2Q8 UT Air

VQ-BMQ - B767-306ER Nordwind

OY-VKG - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia HS-ABO - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

9M-AFO - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-AFP - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-FYJ - ATR72 Fire Fly 9V-SLG - A320-233 Silkair

9V-TAE - A320-232 Tiger Airways

B-HSJ - A320-232 Dragonair

EI-XLI - B747-446 Transaero HS-ABC - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

HS-ABD - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

HS-ABE - A320-216 Thai Air Asia

HS-ABR - A320-216 Thai Air Asia HS-MDI - MD81 Orient Thai

HS-BKB - B767-346 Orient Thai

HS-PGD - ATR72 Bangkok Airways

HS-PGG - ATR72 Bangkok Airways HS-PPB - A319-132 Bangkok Airways

HS-STC - B747-412 Orient Thai

HS-TEE - A330-321 Thai

HS-TEU - A330-321 Thai OH-LTU - A330-302X Finnair

SE-RFS - B767-304ER TUI Fly Nordic

VQ-BQX - A330-343X Aeroflot

9V-JSH - A320-232 Jetstar Asia G-OBYG - B767-304ER Thomson Fly

HS-TKB - B777-3D7 Thai

TC-ETK - A330-223 Atlas Jet

VH-VOQ - B737-8FE Virgin Australia B-6007 - A320-214 China Eastern

HS-BIB - B767-341ER Business Air

HS-PGV - A320-232 Bangkok Airways

HS-TAR - A300-622R Thai HS-TEL - A330-332 Thai Star Alliance


HS-TET - A340-343X Thai

HS-TGB - B747-4D7 Thai

PHS-TAY - A300-622R Thai  


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