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Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, and former Dutch colony of British occupation. This city is located northeast of the country 60km from the capital Pretoria. Over many years the Europeans have made a Jo'bourg economic capital based somewhat on the English model, and therefore it is normal to find an aviation perspective important modern activity. The international airport is named OR Tambo a black politician in South Africa, the cause of militant anti-apartheid and African National Congress president, and is located northeast of the mega-city of 10million people. Johannesburg airport consists of two major terminals, one international and one domestic implanted recent west of two parallel runways. The 03L-21R are most often used for departures, while the 03R-21L are specialized in arrivals. Sometimes, however, when traffic is quieter than only the tracks closest to the terminal 03L-21R are used for all traffic. A cargo terminal located northwest hosts many flights daily interest. Finally north of the airport between the two tracks is a major business complex aircraft maintenance aircraft regularly draining all the more exotic colors as each other from across Africa. The national carrier South African Airways has established its impressive "hub" in this field, with connections from international to outline the various cities. British Airways also provides the system of "bub" with connections to medium-haul aircraft in collaboration with Comair, which operates aircraft painted in the livery of the national English. Various other companies are based in the Jo'bourg delivered with colorful Mango, Kulula, 1Time, Comair and South African Cargo. International lines are provided by many companies from Africa including Ethiopian, Air Kenya, Madagascar Airlines, TAAG, Air Botswana, Air Malawi, Mozambique LAM, or the world via Air France, Egyptair, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, Swiss , Delta, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic. Viewpoint cargo, not exclusively serving large corporations but a mail traffic carried by many companies including Cargolux, Martinair, Southern Air, World Cargo, Qatar Cargo, Cargo and Ethiopian Avient.


Our trip to South Africa began at Brussels Airport May 24, 2012, we had chosen the company Egyptair which offered great prices on this destination. It was aboard the flight MS726 (SU-GBV A321) we left Brussels to Cairo, where we had our flight to Johannesburg by night flight MS839 (A330-200 SU-GCG). Upon our arrival at daybreak and after receipt of the rental car, the track management 03R was used for approach and the first photo under a sun that did not leave the room. May is one of the driest months, it's the end of autumn and the days are pleasant with 22 degrees for cooler nights, but the sunshine has allowed us to see the traffic from 7 am about 17h, which is enough to observe all the companies that serve the airport. The wind stayed north of the exception of one day, what are the 03 tracks that were mainly used during our stay. Once the shoot is complete, the hotel management to value for money called the "Life Aviator Hotel" located at the end of runway 21R for a well deserved rest, a good dinner and watch the planes take off from the room. We enjoyed our stay to visit national parks to animals whose pride of South Africa, but we have been repeatedly advised to stay at the hotel once darkness fell, insecurity is permanent in the streets of the first city in the world of crime. We met the local spotters, very happy to share valuable information and at no time have we been bothered by the police, Aboriginal residents. We spent an afternoon at the Observation Desk located on the floor of the international terminal, behind the windows to have the opportunity to make planes grounded with an interesting background and views on airport parking areas, taxiways and Runway 03L-21R

The return was made on May 31 aboard the flight MS840 (A330-200 SU-GCF) to Cairo and MS725 (A320 SU-GCC) to Brussels.


Without further ado I'll let you see the pictures of this wonderful journey, with aircraft in the colors much more cheerful than we're used to seeing in other parts of the world.




View of control tower View from outside of Terminal

View from inside of terminal

View of a parking


Click on the picture to enlage, all photographs were made by Cedric Valence


25th May till 31st May 2012      

HS-TJS - B777-2D7ER Thai

SU-GCF - A330-243 Egyptair

ZS-SBB - B737-3Y0F South African Cargo B-HXE - A340-313X Cathay Pacific

VT-JWP - A330-203 Jet Airways

G-VFOX - A340-642 Virgin Atlantic

A2-ABP - ATR42 Air Botswana C9-EMA - Embraer190 LAM

HB-JMG - A340-313X Swiss

G-BNLT - B747-436 British Airways

D-AIMB - A380-841 Lufthansa F-GZNB - B777-328ER Air France

ZS-SFD - A319-132 South African

F-HPJH - A380-861 Air France

4X-EAF - B767-27EER ElAl LX-UCV - B747-4R7F Cargolux

            ZS-OKB - B737-376 Comair                  (British Airways)

9Q-CJG - DC8-62HF Trans Air Cargo Service

5Y-KQD - B737-3U8 Kenya Airways A2-ABR - ATR72 Air Botswana

V5-ANK - A319-112 Air Namibia

ZS-SJD - B737-85F South African

ZS-SJP - B737-8BG Mango V5-TNP - B737-528 Air Namibia

5Y-KQE - B737-76N Kenya Airways

9XR-WF - B737-84Y Rwand Air

A2-ABF - BAe146 Air Botswana ZS-MNO - Dash8-400 South African Express

ZS-NBD - CRJ-700 South African Express (ex-Horizon)

ZS-NBG - CRJ-700 South African Express

ZS-OAF - B737-4S3 Kulula ZS-OAH - B737-33A Comair

ZS-SJF - B737-85F South African

ZS-SJP - B737-8BG Mango

       ZS-SJV - B737-85F South African            (Star Alliance) ZS-SLF - A340-211 South African

ZS-SNW - Embraer135 Airlink

ZS-TRE - MD82 1Time

ZS-SSI - Avro RJ85 Airlink ZS-TAB - Beech1900 Private

ZS-SXW - A330-243 South African

ZS-SND - A340-642 South African

ZS-TRI - MD82 1Time ZS-SJF - B737-85F South African

ZS-YBP - Dash8-400 South African Express

ZS-TRJ - MD87 1Time

ZS-SFG - A319-132 South African TC-JNK - A330-343X Turkish

ZS-SSZ - B737-200 Untitled (Air Namibia)

ZS-ZED - Beech1900 DHL

ZS-ZWP - B737-86N Kulula ZS-SWR - B737-85P Kulula

ZS-SSI - Avro RJ85 Airlink

ZS-SNW - Embraer135 Airlink

A6-EFE - B777-F1H Emirates Sky Cargo OO-LTM - B737-3M8 Korongo

ZS-OAF - B737-4S3 Kulula

PH-CKA - B747-406F KLM Cargo

3B-NBH - A319-112 Air Mauritius ZS-AAB - Embraer120 LAM - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique

ZS-MNG - CRJ200 South African Express

ZS-SXZ - A330-243 South African

C9-AUL - Dash8-400 LAM - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique      ZS-OKC - B737-376 Comair          (British Airways)

          ZS-ZWQ - B737-8K2 Kulula                (leasing Transavia)

ZS-SJL - B737-8BG Mango

HZ-AKT - B777-268ER Saudi Arabian 5Y-KYE - B737-8AL Kenya Airways

9V-SVL - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines

9XR-WG - B737-84Y Rwand Air

A6-EYN - A330-243 Etihad A7-BAL - B777-3DZ Qatar

D2-TEE - B777-2M2ER TAAG

EK76603 - IL76 Ark Airways

ET-ALM - B737-760 Ethiopian     ZS-OKK - B737-376 Commair        (British Airways)

ZS-SJK - B737-8BG Mango

ZS-SXW - A330-243 South African

5R-MFH - B737-3Q8 Air Madagascar ZS-PKV - B737-529 LAM - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique

ZS-SFI - A319-132 South African

EK76603 - IL76 Ark Airways

D-ACGA - B747-409BDSF Air Cargo Germany ZS-TRH - MD87 1Time

ZS-SBA - B737-3Y0F South African Cargo

9XR-WG - B737-84Y Rwand Air

A6-EYS - A330-243 Etihad A7-BBA - B777-2DZLR Qatar

ET-AMF - B767-3BGER Ethiopian

ZS-MNI - CRJ200 South African Express

ZS-OAO - B737-4S3 Kulula   ZS-OTG - B737-436 Comair             British Airways

PH-MCW - MD11 Martinair Cargo

TU-VAP - Beech1900 Republique de Cote d Yvoir

ZS-OAP - B737-4S3 Kulula ET-AMF - B767-3BGER Ethiopian

VH-OJQ - B747-438 Qantas

ZS-SSK - Avro RJ85 Airlink

ZS-SFK - A319-132 South African ZS-SJL - B737-8BG Mango

ZS-SJF - B737-85F South African

5Y-JAP - B737-226 Delta Connection Cargo

ZS-SSZ - B737-200 Untitled (Air Namibia) S-SXG - A340-313X South African

ZS-TRE - MD82 1Time

ZS-TRI - MD82 1Time

ZS-TRH - MD87 1Time ZS-TRL - MD82 1Time

ZS-ZWP - B737-86N Kulula

ZS-ZWO - B737-8K2 Kulula

  ZS-SNC - A340-642 South African            Star Alliance 7Q-YKP - B737-300 Air Malawi

9J-ZJB - B757-3Y0 Zambezi

D2-TEE - B777-2M2ER TAAG

ET-ANZ - B737-8H0 Ethiopian G-VGAS - A340-642 Virgin Atlantic

HB-JMN - A340-200 Swiss

V5-DHL - Reims F406 Caravan II DHL

VH-OJG - B747-438 Qantas ZS-AAK - Dornier328 Private

ZS-ASY - Avro RJ85 South African

C9-AUL - Dash8-400 LAM - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique

A7-BAI - B777-3DZ Qatar EK70799 - B747-281BSF Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo (Veteran Avia)

ZS-NBD - CRJ-700 South African Express (ex-Horizon)

ZS-NLT - CRJ700 South African Express

D2-TEH - B777-3M2ER TAAG D-AIMA - A380-841 Lufthansa

ZS-NMD - CRJ200 South African Express

        ZS-OAA - B737-4L7 Comair              (British Airways)

5Y-KYF - B737-86N Kenya Airways ZS-OPZ - MD82 1Time

ZS-NRI - Jetstream41 Airlink

ZS-SFG - A319-132 South African

ZS-NMB - Dash8-300 South African Express ZS-NMP - Dash8-300 South African Express

ZS-OTM - Embraer135 Swaziland Airlink

ZS-PHX - Beech1900 Private

ZS-SBB - B737-3Y0F South African Cargo    ZS-OKB - B737-376 Comair           (British Airways)

ZS-SJG - B737-8BG Mango

ZS-OAM - B737-4S3 Kulula

ZS-NRL - Jetstream41 Airlink ZS-SJK - B737-8BG Mango

         ZS-OTH - B737-436 Comair                  (British Airways)

ZS-SJH - B737-8BG Mango

ZS-SIL - B737-244 Air Malawi ZS-OUV - Embraer135 Airlink

ZS-SJP - B737-8BG Mango

/ZS-SJR - B737-85F South African

ZS-SKW - B737-219 Untited (Air Naibia) ZS-SNG - A340-642 South African

ZS-SFJ - A319-132 South African

ZS-SNX - Embraer135 Airlink

    ZS-SJV - B737-85F South African            (Star Alliance) ZS-SNX - Embraer135 Airlink

ZS-SSH - Avro RJ85 Airlink

ZS-SSZ - B737-219 Untitled (Air Namibia)

ZS-SXA - A340-313X South African ZS-TRE - MD82 1Time

ZS-TRH - MD87 1Time

ZS-TRL - MD82 1Time

ZS-XCC - ATR42 Untitled Comair ZS-YBX - Dash8-400 South African Express

ZS-ZWO - B737-8K2 Kulula

ZS-ZWR - B737-85P Kulula

ZS-ZWS - B737-86N Kulula ZS-ZWP - B737-86N Kulula

ZS-SXF - A340-313X South African

ZS-SNI - A340-642 South African



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