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Located in the Nevada desert to the east a few hundred meters from the center of Las Vegas known for its luxury hotels and casinos, McCarran International Airport was designed primarily to channel so many players to the casinos all close. Four runways make up the complex, like "L" with two parallel terminals are located in the northeast. 25L/07R the south (primarily arrivals) and 25R/07L (mostly departures), to the West 01L/19R (primarily arrivals) and 01R-19L (mainly departures). The flights to and from LAS are provided by both major U.S. companies that "low cost". Some Europeans flights are operated by British  Airways and Virgin Atlantic. There is little cargo business but with some scheduled flights operated by UPS and FedEx. Low-cost company Southwest has established one of its bases. Found in LAS type aircraft B737-600 in red line company called EG-G "Jennie" who steal on behalf of the army and the U.S. Secret Service to effect the transfer of personnel to military bases desert whose "area51" ... Finally, we note that many Buisness Jets going to and from Las Vegas, including the biggest liners including private 747SP!






View of the airport and "ground" tower View with downtown and the main tower Departure from 25R with Luxor view "J Hotel Luxor and the 737 "Jennie"


Enjoying our trip picture in Los Angeles, we had planned two days in Las Vegas to combine tourism and flat spotting. We selected the 5 and Monday March 12, 2012 to board the flight to Southwest morning departure from LAX to the capital of the casinos! March 5, we spent all the morning to 25L and 25R to the south of the complex, and March 12 we spent two hours just above the car park offering breathtaking views of the runways 01L and 01R. Here is the result of the harvest on a beautiful sunny weather.


Click on the picture to enlarge, all pictures were token by Cedric Valence


5th and 12th March 2012




N504NK - A319-132 Spirit N487WN - B737-7H4 Soutwest C-GWSE - B737-76N Westjet N127DL - B767-332 Delta




N191UW - A321-211 US Airways N214WN - B737-7H4 Southwest N240AT - B737-76N Air Tran N320AS - B737-990 Alaska




N412SW - CRJ200 Skywest N429NV - MD82 Allegiant C-GJVT - A320-211 Air Canada N513UA - B757-222 United




N515UA - B757-222 United N520JB - A320-232 Jet Blue N532NK - A319-132 Spirit /N559AS - B737-890 Alaska




N614SW - B737-3H4 Soutwest N711HK - B737-7H4 Southwest N504NK - A319-132 Spirit N768JB - A320-232 Jet Blue




N804NN - B737-823 American N810SK - CRJ900 Delta Connection N814SY - B737-8BK Sun Country N816AW - A319-132 US Airways




N838VA - A320-232 Virgin America N853UA - A319-131 United N858NW - B757-351 Delta N866NN - B737-823 American Airlines




N915DN - MD90 Delta N918WN - B737-7H4 Southwest N927WN - B737-7H4 Southwest N928DN - MD90 Delta




N930FR - A319-111 Frontier N954U - MD82 American Airlines N934FR - A319-111 Frontier N954U - MD82 American Airlines




N978SW - CRJ200 United  N3755D - B737-832 Delta N37437 - B737-924ER United N67171 - B757-232 Delta




N57870 - B757-33N United N67171 - B757-232 Delta N77871 - B757-33N United C-GJVT - A320-211 Air Canada




N412NV - MD80 Allegiant N584UA - B757-222 United N510NK A319-132 Spirit N444WN - B737-7H4 Southwest




N154GL - Beech900 Great Lakes  N590AA - MD80 American Airlines N662JB - A320-232 Jet Blue N805SK - CRJ900 Delta Connection




N651AW - A320-232 US Airways N584UA - B757-222 United N127DL - B767-332 Delta  N320AS - B737-990 Alaska




N954U - MD82 American Airlines N945WN - B737-7H4 Soutwest XA-VOI - A319-132 Volaris N654AW - A320-232 US Airways

C-FZUB - A320-214 Air Canada HL7575 B777-2B5ER Korean N273RH - B737-66N EG-G

lN711HK - B737-7H4 Southwest


N288DP - B737-66N EG-G

N225AX - B767-224ER Omni Air International

N384HA - A330-243 Hawaiian N534NK - A319-132 Spirit 







N720MM - B737-7BC-BBJ Private

N288DP - B737-66N EG-G

N908AM - B737-752 Aero Mexico

C-GWSX - B737-8CT Westjet


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