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The city of Larnaca is the third largest city of Cyprus. Located southeast of the island Greek side, Larnaca International Airport is 2 km south of the city by the sea. This is the first airport of the island in terms of traffic, Paphos only welcoming charter flights and Nicosia Capital at Turkish side is only served by Turkish companies. The passenger terminal is north facing a 22-04 lead. By prevailing winds on the island, the runway 22 is generally used for landings and takeoffs. In the past, the company Cyprus was based in LCA but after bankruptcy, the latter is the Greek Aegean has resumed regular lines to the mainland. Recently, the new Cobalt company is trying to develop. The small company TUN Air, operating through its leased Saab, provides the link between the neighboring islands and cities of golf. The rest of the regular traffic is operated by British Airways, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Qatar Airways, Stale. Emirates provides several daily flights from Dubai in triangle to Athens and Malta. During the summer season, many charter flights are deployed by major European operators turn, the opportunity to observe aircraft in the colors of Thomson, Air Berlin, Thomas Cook, ... Point of low-cost view, Ryanair, Wizzair , Nowegian carve units of work. The Russians are also well represented during the summer season sometimes using large aircraft such as Aeroflot, Rossiya, Nordwind, S7 or VIM Airlines. There are from time to time postal flights operated by DHL and military activity is regularly identified.





lca/low/LCA_4.jpg lca/low/LCA_6.jpg lca/low/LCA_3.jpg  

Larnaca's control tower

View inside the terminal

Approach over the Mackenzie beach



Spotting trip from 18th till 22th August 2016

We arrived at Larnaca August 18, 2016 by the Aegean flight via Athens. View accommodation , we chose a hotel located beachfront at Mackenzie Beach. The choice was opted for proximity to Mackenzie Beach where airplanes landing on runway 22 are over the beach. In the morning we went to the runway threshold 22 to take pictures of landings and takeoffs . Unfortunately, due to the relatively tense political climate on the island, we were quickly dislodged by the police justified the ban be along fences. Unfortunately we then had to skip the morning spotting and we reserve the afternoon to make pictures of the track had approaches from 22 chairs to Mackenzie Beach . Find below some pictures of the morning and harvest arrivals from the beach.


Click ton enlatge, all pictures are from Cédric Valence - Brussels Airport
     19, 20 and 21th August




lca/low/VP-BDY - A319-111 VIM Airlines - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VP-BDL - A320-232 Ural Ailines - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VP-BDL - A320-232 Ural Ailines - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VQ-BIZ - B737-86N Orenair - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg

VP-BDY - A319-111 VIM Airlines

VP-BDL - A320-232 Ural Ailines

VP-BDL - A320-232 Ural Ailines

VQ-BIZ - B737-86N Orenair




lca/low/T7-MRC - A320-214 MEA - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VP-BLA - B777-2Q8 Orenair - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/LCA_2.jpg lca/low/G-TUIA - B787-8 Thomson - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg

T7-MRC - A320-214 MEA

VP-BLA - B777-2Q8 Orenair

G-TUIF - B787-8 Thomson

G-TUIF - B787-8 Thomson




lca/low/G-CPEU - B757-236 Thomson - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/G-FDZY - B737-8K5 Thomson - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/T7-MRD - A320-214 MEA - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg

G-CPEU - B757-236 Thomson

5B-DER - Saab340 Tus Airways

G-FDZY - B737-8K5 Thomson

 T7-MRD - A320-214 MEA




lca/low/G-TUIA - B787-8 Thomson - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VQ-BKV - B737-8ZS S7 - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VQ-BKV - B737-8ZS S7 - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/4X-BAW - B757-3E7 Arkia - LCA 19-08-20163.jpg

G-TUIA - B787-8 Thomson

VQ-BKV - B737-8ZS S7 VQ-BKV - B737-8ZS S7 4X-BAW - B757-3E7 Arkia




lca/low/A6-EPN - B777-36NER Emirates - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/4X-EKU - B737-8Z9 UP Airlines - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/EI-FRR - B737-8AS Ryanair - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/EC-ISG - Saab340 Tus Airways - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg

A6-EPN - B777-36NER Emirates

4X-EKU - B737-8Z9 UP Airlines

EI-FRR - B737-8AS Ryanair 

EC-ISG - Saab340 Tus Airways




lca/low/G-BNWX - B767-336ER British Airways - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/CS-TKV - A320-232 Everjets - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/JY-EMD - Embraer170 Royal Jordanian - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/LZ-FBE - A320-214 Bulgarian - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg

G-BNWX - B767-336ER British Airways

CS-TKV - A320-232 Everjets

JY-EMD - Embraer170 Royal Jordanian

LZ-FBE - A320-214 Bulgarian




lca/low/OY-LHD - A320-231 Danish Air Transport - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/SU-GCY - Embraer170 Egyptair Express - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/SX-DGO - A320-231 Aegean - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VP-BDY - A319-111 VIM Airlines - LCA 19-08-2016b.jpg

OY-LHD - A320-231 Danish Air Transport

SU-GCY - Embraer170 Egyptair Express

SX-DGO - A320-231 Aegean

   VP-BDY - A319-111 VIM Airlines




lca/low/VP-BKI - A321-211 Aeroflot - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VQ-BJJ - B737-8AS UTAir - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/YR-BAU - B737-4Y0 Blue Air Web - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/SE-LTU - Saab2000 Tus Airways - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg

VP-BKI - A321-211 Aeroflot

VQ-BJJ - B737-8AS UTAir

YR-BAU - B737-4Y0 Blue Air Web

SE-LTU - Saab2000 Tus Airways




lca/low/YR-BMA - B737-79P Blue Air Web - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/LCA_1.jpg lca/low/A7-AHU - A320-232 Qatar Airways - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VQ-BTL - A319-111 VIM Airlines - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg

 YR-BMA - B737-79P Blue Air Web

G-BNWX - B767-336ER British Airways

A7-AHU - A320-232 Qatar Airways

VQ-BTL - A319-111 VIM Airlines




lca/low/G-GATL - A320-233 British Airways - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/SE-ISG - Saab340 Tus Airways - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg lca/low/EP-FQP - A320-214 Qeshm Air - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/YL-LCK - A320-214 Thomas Cook - LCA 21-08-2016.jpg

G-GATL - A320-233 British Airways

SE-ISG - Saab340 Tus Airways

EP-FQP - A320-214 Qeshm Air

YL-LCK - A320-214 Thomas Cook




lca/low/VQ-BSQ - A321-231 Yamal Airlines - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/SX-DVQ - A320-232 Aegean (Star Alliance) - LCA 20-08-2016.jpg lca/low/VP-BRD - A321-231 Nordwind Airlines - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg lca/low/LY-PGC - B737-4S3 Ellinair - LCA 19-08-2016.jpg
VQ-BSQ - A321-231 Yamal Airlines

SX-DVQ - A320-232 Aegean (Star Alliance)

VP-BRD - A321-231 Nordwind Airlines

LY-PGC - B737-4S3 Ellinair


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