Pékin Capital Airport (PEK-ZBAA)                           Website: www.bcia.com.cn

Located 30km north-east of the city of Beijing the capital of China, "Beijing Capital International Airport" is the Asia's largest complex with incessant traffic consists of three terminals, T one and two north-west and three to the south, located in the middle of three almost parallel runways 36L-18R, 36R-18L and 01-19. To the west is a major cargo complex. Prevailing winds are from the north, it is often the 36L and 01 which are used for arrivals, while the 36R is used for departures. Warning this rule is not always followed. The Skyteam, China Eastern and China Southern aircraft use the western slopes and aircraft Air China and Star Alliance is the runway. Major Chinese companies are based in Beijing, such as Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, and many flights are operated by Sichuan, Shandong, Dalian, Shenzhen or Hainan. Many cargo airlines operate flights all over the day. Finally, the major companies in the Middle East, Europe and the USA provide regular services to Beijing.



View of the tower

View of Terminal 3

 Planes at the ramp, and taxi to RNW 36R



Click on the plane to enlarge, all pictures are from Cédric Valence


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21 September 2013




  B-2032 - B777-39LER Air China           Star Alliance

B-2210 - A320-214 Air China

9V-SWD - B777-312ER Singapore Airlines

A6-EDK - A380-861 Emirates




B-2458 - B747-4J6BCF Air China Cargo

B-5146 - B737-86N Xiamen Airlines

B-5170 - B737-86N Air China

B-5196 - B737-86N Dalian Airlines




B-6319 - A321-231 China Southern

B-5755 - B737-89L Shandong Airlines

B-6503 - A330-343E China Southern

HL7772 - A320-232 Asiana Airlines




B-6919 - A321-231 Air China

B-5507 - B737-89L Air China

B-6676 - A320-232 Air China

B-5553 - B737-89L Dalian Airlines




HL8255 - A321-231 Asiana Airlines

B-HWI - A330-343X Dragonair B-9950 - A320-231 China Eastern B-6917 - A321-231 Air China




B-HYB - A330-342 Dragonair

B-6126 - A330-343X China Eastern

B-6519 - A330-243 Hainan Airlines

B-6220 - A319-132 China Southern




N168CF - MD87 Untitled Private

JA305J - B737-846 JAL

N120UA - B747-422 United

HS-TEO - A340-343X Thai




B-6049 - A320-232 Sichuan Airlines

B-6078 - A330-243 Air China

B-2652 - B737-84P Grand China

B-5572 - B737-89L Air China




B-2580 - B737-3J6 Air China

B-6091 - A330-243 Air China Star Alliance

B-2087 - B777-39LER Air China

B-6511 - A330-343X Air China




ET-ANO - B777-260LR Ethiopian

N618FE - MD11 FedEx

JA802A - B787-8 ANA

JA815A - B787-8 ANA




JA825J - B787-8 JAL

JA305J - B737-846 JAL

B-2035 - B777-39LER Air China

B-2359 - A340-313X Air China




B-5176 - B737-86N Air China

B-5177 - B737-86N Air China

B-5451 - B737-85N Shandong Airlines

B-5736 - B737-87I Shenzhen Airlines





B-MAO - A319-132 Air Macau

B-5390 - B737-89L Air China

B-5422 - B737-86N Air China



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