Palma de Mallorca ( PMI  - LEPA )                                             


Located 5 km east of Palma, "capital" of the Spanish island of Majorca in the Balearic Islands, the airport is a center of tourist transport in low concentration as during the holiday season. Many flights are operated daily basis mainly from North-West Europe. The central building with four terminals located in the middle of two numbered tracks 24R-06L and 24L-06R. Arrivals are usually on the 24L and 06L while check 24R and 06R use. A small business aviation terminal at the west end of the complex hosts many private flights daily. Some courier flights are operated by small carriers. Air Europa and Air Berlin have a basis for PMI. Other flights are operated by Ryanair, Condor, Iberia Express, TUI Group, Norwegian and major European charter airlines. A military base can be observed during the week of helicopter movements and transport aircraft to the Iberian roundel.


View of terminal, tower and departure View outside of the terminal View inside of the terminal Mallorca island with approach


Spotting trip from 27th till 31 August 2016

With the positive experience of last year, we decided to return to Palma to link some good holiday moments and pictures of aircraft. We found very affordable flights with Jetair Fly from Charleroi and arrived in the morning of August 27, 2016 directly along the track. As for accommodation, we opted for the second year consécurive for Helios hotel for its proximity to the airport, its formula including meals and free parking facilities for the rental car for us in less than 10 minutes to reach the points spot! A great new, free roaming in Europe has allowed us to stay on the beach or in the mountains staring at the radar in order to be informed of the possible arrival of a particular flight and we went we along the tarmac at the approach of a rare beast, the rest of the usual traffic has been immortalized in the previous year.


24th July 2017




pmi/low/PH-GGY - B737-8EH Transavia (leased GOL) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/EC-LSQ - ATR72 Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-ATUJ - B737-8K5 TUI Fly (Haribo) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-AHLK - B737-8K5 TUI Fly (Hapag Lloyd Retrojet) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg

PH-GGY - B737-8EH Transavia      (leased GOL)

   EC-LSQ - ATR72 Iberia Regional            (Air Nostrum)

D-ATUJ - B737-8K5 TUI Fly (Haribo)

     D-AHLK - B737-8K5 TUI Fly               (Hapag Lloyd Retrojet)




pmi/low/D-ATUI - B737-8K5 TUI Fly - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/OM-GTD - B737-46J Niki (Go2Sky) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/HB-IZB - Saab2000 SkyWork - PMI 24-07-2016.jpg pmi/low/OM-JEX - B737-8AS TUI Belgium (Air Explore) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg

D-ATUI - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

OM-GTD - B737-46J Niki (Go2Sky)

HB-IZB - Saab2000 SkyWork

     OM-JEX - B737-8AS TUI Belgium             (Air Explore)




pmi/low/YR-CBK B737-382 Cobrex Trans - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/OE-LES - A321-211 Niki - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/EC-MMZ - ATR72 Air Europa Express - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/G-VVGL - A330-243 Jet2 - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg

YR-CBK B737-382 Cobrex Trans

OE-LES - A321-211 Niki

EC-MMZ - ATR72 Air Europa Express

G-VVGL - A330-243 Jet2




pmi/low/OY-PSA - B737-8Q8 Jet 2 (Primera) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/PH-XRC - B737-7K2 Transavia - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-AEWU - A320-214 Eurowings - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/9H-AHA - B737-505 Volotea (Air X Charter) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg

OY-PSA - B737-8Q8 Jet 2 (Primera)

PH-XRC - B737-7K2 Transavia

D-AEWU - A320-214 Eurowings

9H-AHA - B737-505 Volotea (Air X Charter)




pmi/low/EC-MJE - CRJ200 Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/G-EZOX - A320-214 Easyjet - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/LN-NGC - B737-8JP Norwegian - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-ATYA - B737-8K5 TUI - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg

EC-MJE - CRJ200 Iberia Regional        (Air Nostrum)

G-EZOX - A320-214 Easyjet

LN-NGC - B737-8JP Norwegian

D-ATYA - B737-8K5 TUI




pmi/low/C-FEAK - B737-86Q Sunwing - PMI 24-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/G-CPEV - B757-236 TUI - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/F-GZTP - B737-71B ASL Airlines - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/G-FBEK - Embraer195 FlyBe - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg

C-FEAK - B737-86Q Sunwing

G-CPEV - B757-236 TUI

F-GZTP - B737-71B ASL Airlines

G-FBEK - Embraer195 FlyBe




pmi/low/OY-TCD - A321-211 Thomas Cook - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/C-GNCH - Sunwings - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/C-FDBD - B737-8Q8 Smartwings (Sunwings) - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/OE-IQD - A320-214 Eurowings Holidays - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg

OY-TCD - A321-211 Thomas Cook

C-GNCH - Sunwings

C-FDBD - B737-8Q8 Smartwings (Sunwings)

OE-IQD - A320-214 Eurowings Holidays




pmi/low/EC-LIN - Embraer195 Air Europa - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/G-ZEUA - A320-214 EasyJet - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/LN-RGL - A320-251N SAS - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/EC-MEC - ATR72 Air Europa - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg

OE-IQD - A320-214 Eurowings Holidays

G-ZEUA - A320-214 EasyJet

LN-RGL - A320-251N SAS

EC-MEC - ATR72 Air Europa




pmi/low/D-ASXC - B737-86N Sun Express Germany (Eurowings) - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-AHXE - B737-7K5 Air Berlin - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-ABDB - A320-214 Small Planet - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/EC-LVO - A320-214 Vueling - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg

D-ASXC - B737-86N Sun Express Germany (Eurowings)

D-AHXE - B737-7K5 Air Berlin

D-ABDB - A320-214 Small Planet

EC-LVO - A320-214 Vueling




pmi/low/EI-FXM - A319-111 Volotea - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/EC-LIN - Embraer195 Air Europa - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg pmi/low/D-ABAF - B737-86J Air Berlin - PMI 25-07-2017.jpg  

EI-FXM - A319-111 Volotea

EC-LIN - Embraer195 Air Europa

D-ABAF - B737-86J Air Berlin - Brussels Airport - Brussels Airport
27th till 31 August 2016




pmi/low/OY-VKG - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/G-FBEM - Embraer190 FlyBe - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/N732MA - B737-81Q TUI Netherlands (leasing Miami Air) - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/G-FDZG - B737-8K5 Thomson - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg

OY-VKG - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia

G-FBEM - Embraer190 FlyBe

N732MA - B737-81Q TUI Netherlands (leasing Miami Air)

G-FDZG - B737-8K5 Thomson




pmi/low/G-EZBIO - A319-111 EasyJet - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/OE-LMK - Embraer170 People Vienna Line - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/YL-LCK - A320-214 Thomas Cook - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/G-POWH - B757-256 Jet2 (Titan Airways) - PMI 29-08-2016.jpg

G-EZBIO - A319-111 EasyJet

OE-LMK - Embraer170 People Vienna Line

YL-LCK - A320-214 Thomas Cook

G-POWH - B757-256 Jet2 (Titan Airways)




pmi/low/EC-JYI - CRJ200 Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) - PMI 29-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/G-TUIA - B787-8 Thomson - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/HB-JOH - A319-111 Germania Switzerland - PMI 29-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/I-NEOS - B737-86N Neos - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg

EC-JYI - CRJ200 Iberia Regional           (Air Nostrum)

G-TUIA - B787-8 Thomson

HB-JOH - A319-111 Germania Switzerland

 I-NEOS - B737-86N Neos




pmi/low/EC-LKM - Embraer190 Air Europa - PMI 29-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/OM-GTD - B737-46J Go2Sky - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-MJE - CRJ200 Air Nostrum - PMI 38-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/F-GZTN - B737-73S ASL Airlines - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg

EC-LKM - Embraer190 Air Europa

OM-GTD - B737-46J Go2Sky EC-MJE - CRJ200 Air Nostrum F-GZTN - B737-73S ASL Airlines




pmi/low/D-ATUG - B737-8K5 TUI Fly - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/D-ADZV - B737-804 TUI Fly Germany - PMI 31-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-HPR - CRJ200 Iberia Express (Air Nostrum) - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/D-ABDU - A320-214 Air Berlin - PMI 31-08-2016.jpg

D-ATUG - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

D-ADZV - B737-804 TUI Fly Germany

EC-HPR - CRJ200 Iberia Express         (Air Nostrum)

D-ABDU - A320-214 Air Berlin




pmi/low/HA-LPK - A320-232 Wizzair - PMI 31-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/OK-TVX - B737-8Z9 Travel Service - PMI 31-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-JHK - B737-85P Air Europa (Skyteam) - PMI 31-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/OE-LEY - A320-214 Niki - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg

HA-LPK - A320-232 Wizzair

OK-TVX - B737-8Z9 Travel Service

EC-JHK - B737-85P Air Europa (Skyteam)

OE-LEY - A320-214 Niki




pmi/low/OY-VKG - A330-343 Thomas Cook Scandinavia - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/F-GZTN - B737-73V ASL Airlines - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/YL-LCK - A320-214 Thomas Cook (leasing Smartlynx) - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/G-EZIO - A319-111 EasyJet - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg

OY-VKG - A330-343 Thomas Cook Scandinavia

F-GZTN - B737-73V ASL Airlines

YL-LCK - A320-214 Thomas Cook (leasing Smartlynx)

  G-EZIO - A319-111 EasyJet




pmi/low/G-FDZG - B737-8K5 Thomson - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/G-TUIF - B787-8 Thomson - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/HB-AEY - Dornier328 Skywork - PMI 30-8-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-MFS - B737-4Y0 Alba Star - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg

G-FDZG - B737-8K5 Thomson

G-TUIF - B787-8 Thomson

HB-AEY - Dornier328 Skywork

EC-MFS - B737-4Y0 Alba Star




pmi/low/EC-MJE - CRJ200 Air Nostrum - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-MJY - CRJ200 Air Nostrum - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-MKL - B737-85P Air Europa - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/C-FFPH - B737-81D Sunwing - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg

  EC-MJE - CRJ200 Air Nostrum

EC-MJY - CRJ200 Air Nostrum

EC-MKL - B737-85P Air Europa

C-FFPH - B737-81D Sunwing




pmi/low/D-ABAG - B737-86J Air Berlin - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/D-ABFG - A320-214 Air Berlin - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-JDM - A321-213 Iberia Express - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/9H-ZAZ - B737-436 Air Horizont - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg

D-ABAG - B737-86J Air Berlin

D-ABFG - A320-214 Air Berlin

EC-JDM - A321-213 Iberia Express

9H-ZAZ - B737-436 Air Horizont




pmi/low/EC-IUX - Kingair B200 SAMU - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/LY-ONJ - A320-214 Small Planet (leasing Afriquiah) - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/LY-ONJ - A320-214 Small Planet (leasing Afriquiah) - PMI 30-08-2016b.jpg pmi/low/OM-GTD - B737-46J Go2Sky - PMI 28-08-2016b.jpg

EC-IUX - Kingair B200 SAMU

LY-ONJ - A320-214 Small Planet (leasing Afriquiah)

LY-ONJ - A320-214 Small Planet (leasing Afriquiah)

OM-GTD - B737-46J Go2Sky




pmi/low/YU-ANJ - B737-3H9 Aviolet - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-KXD - Embraer190 Air Europa - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-MFM - A320-232 Vueling - PMI 31-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-MLS - CRJ200 Iberia Express (Air Nostrum) - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg

YU-ANJ - B737-3H9 Aviolet

EC-KXD - Embraer190 Air Europa

EC-MFM - A320-232 Vueling

 EC-MLS - CRJ200 Iberia Express               (Air Nostrum)




pmi/low/EI-FKK - B737-81Q Meridiana - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EI-FMY - A319-111 Volotea - PMI 30-08-2016b.jpg pmi/low/D4-03 - Casa Spain Air Force - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/LX-GVV - A319-115 Global Jet - PMI 29-08-2016.jpg

EI-FKK - B737-81Q Meridiana

EI-FMY - A319-111 Volotea

D4-03 - Casa Spain Air Force

LX-GVV - A319-115 Global Jet




pmi/low/D-AGER - B737-75B Germania - PMI 28-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/OE-LEY - A320-214 Niki - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/HB-IZB - Saab2000 SkyWork - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/EC-LST - ATR72 Air Europa (Swiftair) - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg

D-AGER - B737-75B Germania

OE-LEY - A320-214 Niki HB-IZB - Saab2000 SkyWork EC-LST - ATR72 Air Europa (Swiftair)




pmi/low/EI-FMY - A319-111 Volotea - PMI 30-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/D-AKNR - A319-111 Germanwings - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg pmi/low/F-GZTN - B737-73S ASL Airlines - PMI 27-08-2016b.jpg pmi/low/G-POWN - A321-211 Jet2 (Titan Airways)  - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg

EI-FMY - A319-111 Volotea

D-AKNR - A319-111 Germanwings

F-GZTN - B737-73S ASL Airlines

G-POWN - A321-211 Jet2 (Titan Airways)




pmi/low/EC-JDM - A321-231 Iberia Express - PMI 27-08-2016.jpg      

EC-JDM - A321-231 Iberia Express


Spotting trip from 21th till 27th August 2015

Palma, known for its tourism, is a choke point for any self-respecting Spotter. Although the traffic is not very varied, it is an easy way to illustrate the fleets of medium and large European charter carriers. What particularly attracted us are the many possibilities of shots from outside the field with a mix of greenery, holiday scenery and airport buildings. The traffic is extremely repetitive, the proximity of the hotel with its pool and wifi staring between two strokes on the smartphone radar have allowed us to ensure both relaxing moments as photos of the aircraft not miss. Our journey began on Aug. 21, 2015, starting at dawn by Thomas Cook Airlines flight. Once there the wheel of the car rental and luggage left in the room 540 of the Helios hotel overlooking the airport shots it could begin! Without further ado, I'll let you see the pictures of our trip.


Click on the image to enlarge it, all pictures on the page are from Cedric Valence - Brussels Airport
22th August 2015




EI-EWJ - B717-2BL Volotea

D-ATUI - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

D-ABUS - B767-330ER Condor

G-TCDF - A321-211 Thomas Cook




EC-LQJ - A320-232 Vueling

C-FFPH - B737-81D Sunwing

EC-LRR - ATR72 Iberia

D-ABLA - B737-76J Germania




EC-LGR - A320-214 Iberia Express

EC-JYA - CRJ700 Iberia Air Nostrum

C-FEAK - B737-86Q Sunwing

 EC-ISN - B737-8Q6 Air Europa




EI-FBJ - B717-2BL Volotea

F-GZTH - B737-73S Europe Airpost F-HJUL - B737-8Q8 Luxair EC-LRY - A320-214 Vueling




F-HCOA - B737-5L9 Air Mediterranee

EC-KYP - Embraer195 Air Europa

EC-LSQ - ATR72 Iberia Regional        (Air Nostrum)

EC-LKX - Embraer190 Air Europa




D-ABXA - A330-223 Air Berlin           (One World)

CS-TRL - A320-214 Orbest

D-ABFO - A320-214 Air Berlin

EC-LTG - B737-4K5 Alba Star




EC-MEG - A320-214 Iberia Express

EC-LHV - ATR72 Air Europa (Swiftair)

G-CELZ - B737-377 Jet2

   G-EZDL - A319-111 Easyjet




G-EZOT - A320-214 Easyjet

G-DHJH - A321-231 Thomas Cook

G-FBEH - Embraer195 FlyBe

G-GDFB - B737-33A Jet2 Holidays




   G-FDZW - B737-8K5 Thomson

G-GDFR - B737-8Z9 Jet2

G-LCYU - Embraer195 British Airways

G-LSAD - B757-236 Jet2 Holidays




G-LSAG - B757-21B Jet2

G-OOBN - B757-2G5 Thomson

G-ZBAP - A320-214 Monarch

LN-NOU - B737-81Q Norwegian




G-TCBC - B757-236 Thomas Cook

G-ZBAD - A321-231 Monarch

OY-VKI - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia

G-TUIB - B787-8 Thomson




HB-IHX - A320-214 Edelweiss

LN-RGG - B737-86N SAS

/N757MA - B757-24Q Mid East Jet

    OK-TVV - B737-86N Smartwings




LN-RRW - B737-883 SAS (Star Alliance)

OO-JAD - B737-8K5 Jetair Fly

OY-KAP - A320-232 SAS

OY-LHD - A320-231 Danish Air Transport




OY-PSF - B737-7Q8 Primera

OY-TCG - A321-211 Thomas Cook PH-OYI - B767-304ER Arke Fly OY-VKG - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia




SE-RFR - B767-38AER TUI Nordic

SE-RFU - B737-8K5 TUIFly Nordic

YL-LCK - A320-214 SmartLynx (untitled)

YL-PSC - B737-86N Primera




D-ABZF - A320-214 Air Berlin

EC-HHI - CRJ200 Iberia Regional

EC-JFH - A320-214 Iberia Express

EC-LCQ - Embraer190 Air Europa




EC-LRY - A320-214 Vueling

EC-LST - ATR72 Air Europa (Swiftair)

EC-LZD - A320-214 Evelop

EC-MFL - A320-232 Vueling




G-CELG - B737-377 Jet2

G-OJEG - A321-231 Monarch

EC-LHV - ATR72 Air Europa (Swiftair)

D-AGWI - A319-132 Germanwings




G-OZBO - A321-231 Monarch

HB-IJH - A320-214 Swiss

G-EUYO - A320-232 British Airways

HB-IOQ - A320-214 Air Berlin




LN-DYU - B737-8PJ Norwegian

OE-LBL - A320-214 Austrian

OY-PSA - B737-8Q8 Primera

HB-IYD - Saab340 Etihad Regional (Darwin)




PH-HZG - B737-400 Transavia Sunweb

PH-TFC - B737-8K5 Arke Fly

SP-MRC - Saab340 Sky Taxi

OY-PSA - B737-8Q8 Primera





VP-BCS - A320-214 S7

EC-LRY - A320-214 Vueling


  - Brussels Airport
Le 23 août 2015




I-NEOU - B737-86N Neos

G-TCDV - A321-231 Thomas Cook

G-GDFZ - B737-86Q Jet2 Holidays

EC-HQJ - A320-214 Vueling




G-OBYH - B767-304ER Thomson Fly

G-TCCA - B767-31K(ER) Thomas Cook

D-ABOC - B757-330 Condor

G-LSAE - B757-27B Jet2 Holidays




4703 - B707-328 Spain Air Force

4703 - B707-328 Spain Air Force

D-AOLG - Fokker100 Avanti Air

 D-ABAF - B737-86J Air Berlin




D-ABFA - A320-2214 Air Berlin

D-AHFV - B737-8K5 TUI Fly EI-FDS - B737-86N Meridiana G-LCYG - Embraer170 British Airways




OE-LET - A321-211Niki

OO-JEB - Embraer190 Jetair Fly

CS-TRL - A320-214 Orbest

EI-DLJ - B737-8AS Ryanair




Le 24 août 2015




OO-CAN - B737-8AS Jetair Fly

D-AIDV - A321-231 Lufthansa

EC-LRG - A320-214 Iberia Express

   EC-LST - ATR72 Air Europa (Swiftair)




EC-HEK - CRJ200 Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum)

7T-VJO - B737-8D6 Air Algerie

EI-ELZ - B737-428 Poste Italiane

G-OZBI - A321-231 Monarch




 YR-BAZ - B737-405 Blue Air Web

G-POWC - B737-33A Titan

HB-IOC - A321-111 Swiss

D-ABDU - A320-214 Air Berlin




D-ABDU - A320-214 Air Berlin

D-ABBD - B737-86J Air Berlin

D-AIQH - A320-211 Germanwings

EC-KTG - A330-203 Air Europa




EC-KTG - A330-203 Air Europa

EI-DYR - B737-8AS Ryanair

OK-TVJ - B737-8Q8 Smartwings

OE-LEX - A320-214 Niki




Le 25 août 2015




D-ABXA - A330-223 Air Berlin           (One World)

D-ABOF - B757-330 Condor

D-AGEP - B737-75B Germania

D-ABXC - A330-223 Air Berlin




D-ATUC - B737-8K5 TUI Fly

C-FEAK - B737-86Q Sunwing D-ATUZ - B737-8K5 TUI Fly EC-MBD - A320-214 Vueling




EC-JFH - A320-214 Iberia Express

EC-LCQ - Embraer190 Air Europa

C-FFPH - B737-81D Sunwing

D-ABOH - B757-330 Condor




D-ABXC - A330-223 Air Berlin

EC-JYA - CRJ700 Iberia Air Nostrum

EC-MEZ - B717-2CM Volotea

EI-DAF - B737-8AS Ryanair




G-EZOC - A320-214 Easyjet

EC-MBS - A320-232 Vueling

G-EZOL - A320-214 EasyJet

G-JMAB - B757-3CQ Thomas Cook




G-TCCB - B767-31KER Thomas Cook

G-ZBAL - A321-231 Monarch

I-NDDL - B767-324ER Neos

LN-NOZ - B737-8JP Norwegian




LX-LGS - B737-7C9 Luxair

OE-LEX - A320-214 Niki

OO-JAD - B737-8K5 Jetair Fly

SP-ENY - B737-86N Enter Air




YL-LCK - A320-214 SmartLynx (untitled)

G-EZTM - A320-214 EasyJet

G-EZTM - A320-214 EasyJet

G-OBYF - B767-304ER Thomson




OO-SNF - A320-214 Brussels Airlines

OY-VKG - A330-343X Thomas Cook Scandinavia

D-ABXA - A330-223 Air Berlin         (One World)

D-ABMF - B737-86J Air Berlin (One World)





VP-CEC - B737-9HWER(BBJ) Mid East Jet






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