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Located 15km
from downtown of San Francisco International Airport consists of four terminals located south of a cross formed by X twice two parallel runways: 25L/07R and 25R/07L  with parallel approaches above the sea, and 19R/01L and 19L/01R. Traffic serving the airport consists of major American companies, both as major low-cost. Flights from major European hubs are also
provided daily.

We enjoyed
our trip to California to spend a day in San Francisco. We left Los Angeles in the early morning United flight UA440 (N544UA B757-200) and have enjoyed a very sunny day to discover the Fishermen Port, Pier 39, Golden Gate and the beautiful sloping streets blocking the rhythm of their Cable Cabs. The whole day has been dedicated to some tourism, but the return in the early evening at the San Francisco airport waiting for our return flight Delta Connection (CRJ700 N340CA) we discovered the Skytrain station at Terminal February 1 nice little view of the runways 01R and 01 L devoted to takeoffs. The sun setting in the mountains, the darkness soon made an appearance, here are the pictures taken about 15 minutes ... If we had imagined finding such conditions of photos with such light, we would have headed to the airport soon! :-)

on image to enlarge, all photos on the page are Cedric Valence


7th March 2012




sfo/low/temp1.jpg sfo/low/N340CA - CRJ700 Delta Connection - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N550UA - B757-222 United - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N223SW - Embraer120 United - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg
N388AA - B737-823 American Airlines N340CA - CRJ700 Delta Connection N550UA - B757-222 United N223SW - Embraer120 United




sfo/low/N568SW - Embraer120 United - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N538UA - B575-222 United - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N419QX Alaska Horizon - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N403WN - B737-7H4 Southwest - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg
N568SW - Embraer120 United N538UA - B575-222 United N419QX Alaska Horizon N403WN - B737-7H4 Southwest




sfo/low/N634VA - A320-232 Virgin America - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/temp2.jpg sfo/low/N788AS - B737-490 Alaska - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N568SW - Embraer120 United - SFO 07-03-2012b.jpg
N634VA - A320-232 Virgin America N388AA - B737-823 American Airlines N788AS - B737-490 Alaska N568SW - Embraer120 United




sfo/low/N951SW - CRJ200 Skywest - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N941SW - CRJ200 United Express - SFO 07-03-2012.jpg sfo/low/N634VA - A320-232 Virgin America - SFO 07-03-2012b.jpg  
N951SW - CRJ200 Skywest N941SW - CRJ200 United Express N634VA - A320-232 Virgin America  


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