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Singapore, a former British colony gained independence in 1965, was built in order to regulate the maritime trade once offering a gateway between Asia, the Middle East and Europe. So we find some twenty kilometers from the capital Singapore City near one of the largest ports in the world a major airport that has no fewer than 100 destinations and sees an almost 6100 passengers weekly. The extensive complex consists of three terminals arranged in the center of three runways 02L-20R, 02C-20C and 02R-20L, but also a vast cargo terminal with one of the largest business in the world. Are based in Changi Singapore Airlines companies and an impressive fleet of heavies jets, but also companies in the medium range that allow connections to other countries as Silkair and Tiger Airways and Jetstar Asia is the company expand the range of destinations. International perspective, the Singapore airport is serviced daily by the largest European, Asian, Australian and Middle East. There are daily flights Finnair, Lufthansa, British Airways, Qantas, Delta, ANA, Airlnes China, Cathay, more and more... Viewpoint cargo, the list is even more impressive with flights to the four corners of the globe and companies all the more exotic than the other.



View of the terminal View of the tower

View inside of Terminal 2

View inside of terminal 1

Click in the picture to enlarge, all pictures were made by Cedric Valence

29th January 2013


9M-AHO - A320-216 Air Asia

9V-SLC - A320-233 Silkair

9V-SWI - B777-312ER Singapore Airlines Star Alliance

B-5308 - B737-86N Xiamen Airlines


LZ-BHG - A320-232 MAI Myanmar Airways International

9V-TAE - A320-232 Tiger Airways

9M-FFA - B737-8Q8 Malaysia PK-GMA - B737-8U3 Garuda Indonesia

PK-AXV - A320-216 Air Asia Indonesia

B-6538 - A330-243 China Eastern Skyteam

9V-STP - A330-343E Singapore Airlines RP-C8606 - A320-214 Philippines

9V-SQM - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines

PH-BQN - B777-206ER KLM Asia

PK-YTZ - B737-4Y0 Batavia Air 9V-SJO - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

VT-JBS - B737-85R Jet Airways

PK-LJG - B737-9GPER Lion Airlines

OO-THA - B747-4HAF TNT PK-GPJ - A330-243 Garuda Indonesia

9V-SYG - B777-312 Singapore Airlines

A7-BAE - B777-3D7ER Qatar

JA651J - B767-346ER JAL K-LJO - B737-9GPER Lion Airlines

9M-AFQ - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-TGF - B727F Transmile

9V-SGE - A340-541 Singapore Airlines 9V-SYL - B777-312 Singapore Airlines Star Alliance

B-16702 - B777-35E-ER Eva Air

9V-SWP - B777-312ER Singapore Airlines

B-KPJ - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific 9M-AFQ - A320-216 Air Asia


9V-VLF - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

9V-OTA - B777-212ER Scoot

B-6241 - A319-132 China Southern

B-HUA - B747-467 Cathay Pacific


LZ-BHG - A320-232 MAI Myanmar Airways International

PK-AXY - A320-216 Air Asia Indonesia

RP-C3196 - A319-112 Cebu Pacific VH-EBC - A330-202 Jetstar

VT-AXX - B737-8HG Air India Expres

PK-RMQ - A320-232 Mandala Airlines

PK-BBB - B737-347SF Cardig Air PK-CKD B737-4YO Sriwijaya Air

9M-MLD - B737-8FZ Malaysia

9M-NEF - B737-3S3F Neptune Air

9V-SLL - A320-233 Silkair 9V-SRJ - B777-212ER Singapore Airlines


B-5162 - B737-85C Xiamen Airlines

9M-AFR - A320-216 Air Asia

9M-AFQ - A320-216 Air Asia  

Enjoying a short holiday in Phuket and great prices offered by low-cost airline Jetstar Asia, I went on the morning of January 31, 2012 on Flight 5K534 (A320 9V-JSH) to ask me at 10am to 12.30pm in Singapore after an hour and a half flight hour time difference. With only a few hours, and after passing through immigration, I headed to the "Viewing Mall" on the third floor of Terminal 1 at Changi Airport to observe the aircraft and take some pictures. The advantage of this spot is that you can take good pictures as a window of three is not so tainted to satisfy aviation enthusiasts! In addition, a very frequent cleaning of the windows is made and restaurant are open near ... that happiness! So here I am up to 13.30, for a photo of the traffic passing in front of me until sunset to 18. No luck, a tropical storm prevented me from realizing my sport between 15h30 and 17h ... therefore this is the traffic I was able to demonstrate during the 3 hour soptting ... Note the frustration of seeing off the tracks off a traffic very interesting but could not make pictures ... but it will be a good excuse to come back! After nightfall, and a good meal, return to Phuket aboard pleasant flight 5K537 (9V-VLF).



9M-AHE - A320-216 Air Asia

9V-JSE - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

9V-STS - A330-343 Singapore Airlines

B-6220 - A319-132 China Southern


B-18351 - A330-302 China Airlines

B-5641 - B737-81B China Southern

B-5309 - B737-86N Xiamen Airlines HL7598 - B777-2B5ER Korean

9V-SYF - B777-312 Singapore Airlines

PK-LHT - B737-9GPER Lion Air

PK-AXR - A320-216 Air Asia 9V-VLF - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

F-GYAZ - A321-111 Myanmar Airways Int

9V-SJB - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

9M-MXF - B737-8H6 Malaysia 9V-SJF - A320-232 Jetstar Asia

9V-SLC - A320-233 Silkair

D-AIMD - A380-841 Lufthansa

B-KPE - B777-367ER Cathay Pacific D-AIGP - A340-313X Lufthansa

JA621A B767-381ER ANA

JA654J - B767-346ER JAL

P2-PXW - B767-383ER Air Niugini OH-LQF - A340-313X - Finnair

PK-LHV - B737-9GPER Lion Air

VT-JWH - A330-302 Jet Airways

VH-EBR - A330-202 Jetstar VH-QPI - A330-303 Qantas


G-CIVS - B747-436 British Airways

VT-KFL - A320-232 Kingfisher



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